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Specification Summary

1.1 Engine & Drivetrain:

Engine Type4.5L V8 – DIESEL
Displacement, Cс4461
Power, Hp@rpm201@3400
Torque, Nm@rpm430@1200-3200 (43.8 Kg-m@1200-3200 rpm)
Fuel Tank Capacity, L180 (90+90), double tank
Transmission Type5-speed Manual

1.2 Suspension & Brakes:

Suspension UpgradesUpgraded Coil / Leaf Springs & Shock Absorbers
Brake (Front)Discs (ventilated)
Brake (Rear)Drums
ABSYes – Factory Fitted

1.3 Wheel Assemblies:

Type of rim16-inch, steel
Run Flat SystemYes. Installed in all wheels, including spare
Tire Size305/70R16LT
No. of Wheels/Tyres04 (four) + Spare

1.4 Dimensions:

Total Length5430 mm
Total HeightWith turret: 2860 mm. Without turret: 2295 mm
Total Width2100 mm (with side spare wheel)
Wheel Base3180 mm
Total Vehicle Weight (without crew/cargo)With turret: 5030 kg. Without turret: 4790 kg.
Ground Clearance250 mm
Angle of Approach42°
Angle of Departure30°

1.5 Crew Compartment:

Total Seating Capacity2+6 Personnel
Seating Configuration2x Front / 6x Rear Fold-Down
Seat BeltsFront / Rear 4-Point Harnesses
Gun Ports6x Side / 2x Rear
Emergency Roof Escape HatchCombined with the turret
Roof Mounted Turret360-degree operation with weapon mount
AC Systems1x OEM + 1 auxiliary in the rear compartment
No. of Doors4x Side / 1x Rear = Total of 5x doors
Fire Extinguisher4.5 KG Powder

2.1 Ballistic Protection Level: In accordance with CEN EN 1522 and CEN EN 1063 (European Committee for Standardization).  

    Class  Type of Weapon    Caliber    Type    Mass, gTest conditions
Test Range, mBullet Velocity, m/sNo. of shotsShooting distance, mm
    B6    Rifle5.56 x 45FJ2)/PB/SCP1 (SS109, M855)4,0 ± 0,110,00 ± 0,5950 ± 103120 ± 10
7.62 x 51FJ1)/PB/SC (M80, DM111)9,5 ± 0,110,00 ± 0,5830 ± 103120 ± 10

FJ1) – full steel jacket (plated); FJ2) – full copper alloy jacket, PB – pointed bullet, SCP1 – soft core (lead) and steel penetrator (Type SS109), SC – soft core (lead)

2.2 Opaque Armor (STEEL):
  1. Five-sided armoring of passenger compartment using ballistic steel plating to defeat high-powered rifle fire, NATO 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm in accordance with CEN EN-1522 level FB6;
  2. Floor – blast protection against simultaneous detonation of two DM-51 hand grenades or equivalent;
  3. Fuel tank(s) – blast protection against simultaneous detonation of two DM-51 hand grenades or equivalent;
  4. Armor consists of all welded ballistic grade steel construction;
  5. The interior frame, constructed from ballistic grade steel, provides overlap/bullet catchers and backup protection for the large-surface impact areas such as the doors and windows;
  6. Vehicle armoring is constructed in such way to ensure that a projectile following a linear or angled trajectory will not enter the vehicle’s interior without contacting the armor material. In addition to this, the possibility of a projectile entering the vehicle’s interior due to a ricochet from the armor is also minimized.
2.3 OTransparent Armor (GLASS):
  1. Level CEN 1063 BR6 ballistic protection, installed into all window areas
  2. Windshield: 2-piece flat, split
  3. Doors: flat, side and rear doors
  4. Crew compartment: flat, 3x on each side
  5. Rear: flat, 2x left and right from rear door
  6. Anti-spall shield protecting against shattering glass
  7. Multiple impact protection (three shot).
  8. No discoloration from UV rays
2.4 Engine Compartment:
  1. Entire engine compartment protected to the same level as passenger compartment
  2. Firewall entirely insulated with Anti-rust paint protection
  3. Air vent louvers made of ballistic steel are installed on the front and top of the engine compartment to allow for air ventilation while providing 100% ballistic protection
2.5 Gun Turret:
  1. 360-degree rotating roof-mounted turret, made of ballistic steel and glass;
  2. Turret can be dead-locked to a specific location, with hatch;
  3. Mounting point for weaponry as per customer’s request;
  4. Adjustable gunner-stand.
2.6 Doors and Hinges:
  1. Entry and exit points are located on the top, rear, and each side of the vehicle
  2. All door hinges are engineered heavy-duty type hinges, capable of sustained functioning of heavier armored doors – all are made from ballistic steel
  3. The hinges directly connect to the steel in the doors and the armoring steel in the pillars
  4. All interior door panels include reinforced robust grab handles in order to assist with the opening and closing of the heavier armored door
  5. Two interior manual locking latches are installed in all doors in order to prevent unwanted access to the interior of the vehicle while maintaining ease of access to the vehicle
  6. Door apertures are installed with a ballistic steel overlap to prevent any ballistic penetration and keep the armored door in place in the event of a side blast.
2.7 Seating:
  1. Total seating for up to 8 personnel, including driver;
  2. Driver and Front Commander seats with heavy-duty 4-point harness seat belts, mounted on adjustable runners;
  3. 2x fold-down seats mounted behind driver and commander in the direction opposite to the movement of the vehicle with heavy-duty 4-point harness seat belts;
  4. 4x Rear fold-down seats, including 4–point harnesses positioned equally against side
2.8 Air-Conditioning System:
  1. A 12V auxiliary air-conditioning system with climate control is installed in the middle crew compartment of the vehicle in addition to the OEM air-conditioning unit.
  2. Extraction ventilation fan (1) is installed in the middle personnel compartment in order to extract gunpowder gases.
2.9 Mechanical Upgrades:
  1. OEM Suspension & Braking components are upgraded to accommodate the additional weight, using additional leaf springs/coil springs/shock absorbers
  2. All wheels are upgraded and fitted with a certified run-flat inserts in accordance with NATO Finabel 20.A (20.A.5) standard, designed to protect the vehicle during and after an attack.
2.10 Gun Ports:
  1. Eight (8) swing-down type gun ports are installed in the vehicle, each positioned to provide easy access and use from each passenger’s seating Three (3) gun-ports on each side and two (2) in the rear.
2.11 Additional Features:
  1. Floor & internal portion of all doors are covered with one-piece design rubber chequer plating;
  2. Additional Ventilation (air extraction) system in the personnel compartment;
  3. Insulation on interior sides of doors, cabin and crew compartment with heavy-duty canvas upholstery;
  4. Front and rear heavy-duty bumpers;
  5. The front bumper includes two reinforced towing points for the attachment of shackles and towing straps;
  6. Emergency room escape hatch (1x) is combined with the gun turret, deadlocked internally with gas struts;
  7. 2x roof mounted Search Lights operated remotely;
  8. Interior dome light;
  9. Battery kill switch;
  10. All front, side and rear glass areas are fitted with mesh for increased protection of ballistic glass;
  11. Manual dead-bolts on all doors, custom designed and manufactured by Rexlines;
  12. Fire extinguisher;
  13. Heavy-duty 10-tons jack;
  14. Operator’s manual;
  15. Color preference to be confirmed prior to confirmation of

The details stated within this proposal are classed as standard, with any additional upgrades or items to be provided and installed at an additional rate. Any specific requirements should be discussed with the Sales Team, prior to confirmation of order.