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REXLINE Engineering Conveyors have grown to become one of successful suppliers of large scale, fully integrated, mining conveyor projects.

In addition to mechanical design and supply of conveyor components, REXLINE Conveyors are experienced in delivering complete bulk materials handling solutions including:

  • Overland conveyors
  • Underground coal clearance systems including mobile systems. trunk and main gate conveyors
  • Drift conveyor systems
  • Underground hard rock conveyor systems
  • Surface stockpile and reclaim systems
  • Process plant conveyor systems
  • Export terminal conveyor systems
  • Decline development conveyors in hard rock.

Front End Engineering

Up Front Engineering

REXLINE Conveyors have demonstrated expertise and experience in forming solid align­ments with clients and key stakeholders and are well versed in assisting clients with conceptual studies such as Order-of Magnitude and Pre-Feasibility Studies through to Front End Engineering Design studies.

  • Undertaking of design
  • Project scope definition
  • Schedule determination
  • Evaluation
  • Value engineering
  • Safety in design
  • Facilitating a variety of risk assessments
  • Multi-discipline engineering: civil /structural/ mechanical/ electrical/instrument

With enduring relationships with clients in the mining industry driven by proven capabil­ity with engineering, delivery, and after-sales support, REXLINE Conveyors are your partner of choice for your next materials handling project.

Trucking versus Conveying

REXLINE Conveyors have undertaken detailed evaluation studies of trucking and rail haulage versus overland conveying.

Engineering & Design

Complete Conveyor Solutions

Our vertically integrated engineering design, project management, manufacturing, and global sourcing capabilities enable us to offer customers a one-stop-shop

Customers provide us with a brief, an idea, or a problem – REXLINE Conveyors specializes in lighting the way forward. The combination of world-class engineering designers, extensive product manufacturing knowledge, and state-of-the-art machines. tools and equipment technology mean our network of facilities leads the way for cutting-edge conveyor design, engineering, and manufacture.

Engineering & Innovation

  • We foster new ideas and innovative solutions
  • We have a thirst for knowledge and for finding better ways of doing things, resulting in more insightful thinking and smart ways, or working together
  • We are stream specialists, respected because we are technical experts

As a Solutions Specialist we offer the following services

  • Design and development in compliance with industry
  • Sophisticated management tools
  • Complete documentation processes including operation and maintenance manuals in accordance with industry specifications
  • IT integration with customers for secure data exchange and management
  • Operating with the latest design software including:

– Discrete clement modelling on all chutes/transfers

– Finite element analyses

– 3D modelling

– Detail engineering design

– Static and dynamic conveyor system design and simulation

  • Global supply chain and networks.

Relocatable Conveyor

REXLINE Belt conveyors complement machines used in bulk material handling and mining systems. They are used as the main component in bulk material transport systems.

A key productivity initiative, the five-kilometre conveyor includes a semi-mobile

primary crushing station and feeds directly into the Cloud break ore processing facility. The relocatable conveyor and semi-mobile crushing facilities can be positioned approximate to pits and relocated once mined.

In response to increasing requests from overland conveying customers for cost effective modular, reusable conveyor solutions, REXLINE Conveyors latest offering is the REXLINE Relocatable Conveyor.

The REXLINE Relocatable Conveyor Is a real game changer. an industry-first solution that considerably lowers capital and operational cost The relocatable conveyor system is a fully engineered conveyor.

All modules are manufactured and assembled offshore with the ability to be transported by standard container shipping methods to anywhere in the world.

The conveyor design is modular and can be easily relocated and varied in length. Combined with semi-mobile crusher, it is possible to reallocate the complete facility within weeks from one mining pit to another.

The design requires minimal civil works, allowing for preparation work lo be quickly completed and for the capital cost of the installation to be amortized across multiple pits.

Our unique design allows for horizontal and vertical curves with belt widths from 1m to 1.6m wide with 3 roll or S roll idler configurations available. Idler spacing from 1.2m to 1.6m are catered for in the standard module design, or we can customize the design to meet specific requirements.

Our larger belt widths of up to 1.8m can be accommodated on conveyors without horizontal curves. When you partner with REXLINE Conveyors you get a complete solution. not just part of the supply. Our innovative design has all the system components you need for a fully operational, relocatable, reusable modular conveyor system, from our foundation less combination drive and loop take up, to our one-piece tail end loading station. We can provide everything you need in one low-cost tum key system.

Our key focus of REXLINE Conveyors design is providing our customers with substantial reductions in capital cost, installation cost and duration. This world first design can be installed witl1 minimal ground preparation. Each module has inbuilt levelling capability, so there is no need for time consuming detailed earth works or civil works, thus reduc­ing its environmental footprint and reducing the need for rehabilitation of the land.

Combine this with the logistics benefits of a standard shipping container and you have a system that can be quickly and easily installed and moved between satellite mine sites or mining areas.

The modular and relocatable aspects of the REXLINE Relocatable Conveyor mean for the first time a surface conveyor system can be hired, leased, or financed to operations. The ability to finance or lease now offers the industry lower operating costs, avoiding the upfront capital costs of purchasing a system.

Overland Conveyors

Rexline overland conveyor expertise includes both surface and underground applications.

REXLINE surface conveyer system covers:

  • Relocatable conveyors
  • Long distance overland conveyors
  • Satellite pit overland conveyors
  • In-plant conveyors
  • Loading stations
  • Bins/hoppers
  • Stackers
  • Heap leach material management packages
  • Dry tailings stacking systems
  • Overburden removal and deposition

Our capabilities include regenerative systems, proportional braking, variable-speed-drives  and overland tripper conveyors. Furthermore, long and complex conveyors require special  attention to dynamic conditions such as acceleration and deceleration, emergency stops,  regeneration and, in the case of long tripper conveyors, variable load and inertia  conditions. These dynamic conditions affect the selection of drives, brakes and other  mechanical and electrical systems, and also introduce dynamic loads to structures that all  must be considered for safe, reliable and long term operation.

Underground Conveyors

Underground conveyor belts endure extremely harsh conditions. High temperatures, heavy loads and long runs mean strength, durability, and conformance to fire regulations are paramount.
Most underground conveyors are kept as narrow as possible, running at high speed for maximum capacity. However, for operations that can use greater widths.
Strength, impact absorption, wear, and fire resistance are critical characteristics in an underground conveyor belt.
REXLINE Conveyors is committed to coal mining and cab be tn1sted to provide long term sustainable solutions.

Mobile Conveyors

REXLINE ENGINEERING has developed a comprehensive range of robust, reliable and effi­cient bulk material handling and stockpiling solutions. The range comprises tracked mobile conveyors, high- and low-level feeders and radial stockpilers.

Each of our conveying products provides mobility and flexibility in a wide range of free-flowing bulk material applications including aggregates, ores, coal, wood chips, pellets, fertilizers, grains, and truck loading. Each model has been designed for moving or stockpiling material efficiently and productively whilst minimizing operator and other associated

on-site costs.

REXLINE Conveyors can undertake conveyor designs for mobile, shiftable or track- mounted conveyors for applications such as overburden removal, heap leach placement, in- pit crushing and conveying systems.

These track-mounted systems provide mobility and flexibility for material handling applications in multi-position locations. Whenever there is lack of loading dock facility at such times mobile conveyor system comes in handy. It is very popular in warehouses, and all types of industries where It is used for conveying material at various distances & directions by reducing manual intervention. It usually replaces forklift and other types of material handling systems like trolley.

REXLINE Mobile conveyors offer a cost-effective and flexible way to transport material at the production site.

Rexline Engineering Indonesia also provide full scale engineering to build Jetty and Dolphin system with detail material as follow:

Dolphin 6 Point x 3 Stakes x 48 Meters

  • Stake Pipe ø 20” (50cm) x 10mm x 12 mtr (12 spots / 3 dolphin)
  • Branching Pipe ø 16” (40cm) x 6,5 mm
  • Joint Pipe Longitudinal ø 12” (30cm) x 6mm
  • Tire Fender (2nd, <70%)
  • Platform / Walk Way
  • Sand Filling
  • Casting Concrete 7 mtr
  • Spun Pile ø 600 (30 spots)
  • Spun Pile Sand Filling
  • Concrete Piling (K250)
  • Concrete PileCap (K250)
  • Concrete Beam (K250)
  • Plate Concrete 130 (K250)

Transfer Stations

REXLINE Conveyors design and manufacture world-class transfer stations, transfer towers, floor-mounted transfers, and roof-mounted transfer stations. Customers gain the benefit of our vast knowledge, experience, and performance-driven culture.

REXLINE Conveyors Transfer Stations are designed to reduce belt wear, material degradation, and dust emissions and improve material now behavior.

REXLINE Conveyors will adopt a transfer station-style customer-specific requirement. A large variety of wear surface materials and wear liners are available to suit specific applications and product materials.

Transfer Chute

REXLINE conveyors Transfer Chutes are designed to reduce belt wear, material degradation, dust emissions and improve material flow.
The REXLINE conveyors soft loading hood and spoon style transfer chutes are modelled and designed to improve flow whilst reducing wear on chute liners and receiving conveyor covers.
By greatly reducing the impact angle of the receiving conveyor and speed match mg the flow velocity to the receiving conveyor. Many applications can be designed without the need for skirts or other material control measures as material boiling and impact loads arc all but eliminated.
Fully adjustable to ensure optimum operation, designs are also available lo permit varying incoming bell speeds (ie production speed and development speeds) where headroom permit. REXLINE conveyors transfer is open in design to eliminate blockage by foreign bodies such as roof bolts or slabbing material.
Full enclosed units are also available for environmentally sensitive applications and can be offered with flow diverter gates for multiple stream transfers.

Common Styles:

Hood & Spoon Chutes

Fully adjustable design to optimise now characteristics with mult1-direct1onal chutes. Dewa­tering facilities can be included in the fines tray and/or the spoon chute.

Inline Chutes

For dewatering and tripper /booster drive applications, in line chutes provide the ideal loca­tion for dewatering and tramp iron magnet stations.


The REXLINE Conveyors modular designs allow for efficient transportation and installation of the Jib assembly. The two main options arc roof and floor mounted jibs.

Floor Mounted

Floor mounted jibs arc the quickest and safest Jib design. REX LINE Conveyors design and supply self-erecting jibs to cut installation time and offer the quickest and safest installation.

Roof  Mounted

Where floor heave is an issue or real estate under the jib is taken, roof mounted Jibs offer an effective solution. Dead beetles fabricated to roof contours dramatically improve installation time.


Refurbishment & Overhaul
Regular refurbishment and overhaul of system components such as pulleys, idlers,  gearboxes, conveyor drives and hydraulic systems are sustainable measures to ensure  conveyors have maximum availability and prolonged life.

Our service is not limited to refurbishment of REXLINE Conveyors products, we regularly  overhaul equipment manufactured by others at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Refurbishment & Overhaul

Regular refurbishment and overhaul of system components such as pulleys, idlers, gearboxes, conveyor drives, and hydraulic systems are sustainable measures to ensure conveyors have maximum availability and prolonged life.

Our service is not limited to refurbishment of REXLINE Conveyors products, we regularly overhaul equipment manufactured by others at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Lifecycle Management

REXLINE  Conveyors have built understanding and experience, with regard to the lifecycle requirements of a conveyor system. With proven industry experience, REXLINE Conveyors works closely with clients to achieve customized solutions.

Asset Optimization

REXLINE Conveyors understands the importance of plant efficiency, especially in a mining environment. With facilities conveniently located m close to mining regions, our teams of experienced professionals arc available to deliver prompt, efficient and reliable service to the world’s largest mining companies.

Conveyor Construction, Installation & Commissioning

REXLINE Conveyors offer full turnkey system packages complete with project management and site installation along with supervision services for installation and commissioning.

Technical Support

We have locally based technical support, well equipped to provide flexible and complete solutions with an understanding of your equipment and the situation in which you operate.