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Operation & Maintenance
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Pulley Refurbishment

Rexline Engineering Indonesia refurbished pulleys protect you by supplying fully engineered pulleys that are remanufactured to genuine OEM standards:
  • Precise design and weld quality, using only high-grade certified shell and end disc materials
  • Precision fabrication results in balanced, vibration-free pulleys
  • The end disk is designed for the application, taking into account the key design, required weld profile and overall shell rigidity
  • High quality fit & finish on drilled holes and shaft journals to prevent creep and fretting corrosion
  • Assembly takes place in a dedicated assembly room where the risk of contamination can be controlled
  • We only deal with reputable suppliers and OEMs, and work with them to eliminate the risk of using counterfeit components

We are familiar with the evolving needs of our customers, and we stand ready to provide a complete range of options for your pulleys.

Pulley Vibration Acceptance Testing

Rexline Engineering Indonesia maintains a comprehensive line of state-of-the-art Pulley Pulley Vibration Acceptance testing equipment, giving mining companies peace of mind knowing that their pulleys have been tested to OEM standards.