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Alumina Tiles And Composite Liners

Our ceramic range has three different alumina composition (92%, 95% and ZTA) products to suit the various mining applications.

Composite Ceramic Liners & Mats

REXLINE™ ceramic wear liners range include composite ceramic liners or Steel backed and studded as per requirements. We also have a range of molded ceramic in rubber with CN backing. The liners can be customized depending on the application.

Ceramic Liners Tile Format
Steel Backed Ceramic Liners
Tile ThicknessTile size in mmRubber in mmSteel in mmLiner Sizes (mm)
32mm2066300/150, 300/300, 300/450, 300/600, 450/450
64mm5086300/150, 300/300, 300/450, 300/600, 450/450
37mm2566300/150, 300/300, 300/450, 300/600, 450/450
69mm5586300/150, 300/300, 300/450,,300/600, 450/450
Ceramic Liners Tile Format
Composite Ceramic Data Sheet
Technical Data of the Ceramics
Description92% Ceramics95% CeramicsZTA
Alumina Content92%95%
Density (g/cm³)3.613.624.1
Rockwell Hardness (HRA)858890
Vickers’ Hardness (HV10)120013501400
Fracture Toughness (KIC or MPa.√m)
Compressive Strength (MPa)200022812924
Wear Volume (cm³)0.020.0170.009
Composite Ceramic Data Sheet
Technical Data of the Rubber
Elongation≥ 450%
Tensile Strength≥ 180 MPa
Break Extension≥ 500%
Shore Hardness55 – 65 HA
Tear Strength≥ 70 KN/M
Break Permanent Deformation≤ 24%
Rubber and Ceramic Adhesion Force≥ 3.0 MPa
(Shearing Stress) 
Temperature Resistance≤ 100˚ C
Rubber Aging Life≥ 8 years
Gap Between Tile0.8 – 2.0 mm
Rubber Edge1.5 – 2.0 mm

PanzerPoxy High Density Ceramic Epoxy Repair Kit

PANZERPOXY Hi-Density Fast Cure Alumina Wear Epoxy is a 2-part epoxy ceramic wear resistant material, extensively used for repairing and protecting surfaces against abrasive attack.

PANZERPOXY contains 15% pure solid white beads, at an alumina content of 92-95 %.

The remaining alumina as is equivalent to that, which is in all ceramic wear epoxy on the market with most material being currently only at a total of 78% – 81% alumina content.

PANZERPOXY is a two part epoxy ceramic wear resistant material that provides the following product characteristics:

  • Excellent sag resistance
  • High trowel ability
  • No shrinkage
  • High slump resistance
  • High peel strength from substrate
  • Low fumes – Low VOC
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Can be used on wet and damp surfaces

PANZERPOXY is designed to minimize sliding abrasion and corrosion wear. When used by itself, equipment, life can be extended by direct application to ceramic, concrete, steel, and rubber substrates where it exhibits very high peel strength. It also can be reapplied to itself and other ceramic coatings or used as a top coat to prolong wear life. Typical uses include: cyclone linings, pump linings, chutes, hoppers, pipes, pipe bends, tile grouting, dust collectors and exhausters, etc

Chemical type (resin)Bisphenol A resin
Chemical type (hardener)DETA
Appearance (resin)Clear/White
Appearance (hardener)Amber
Appearance (mixed)Clear
ComponentsPart A & Part B
Mix ratio by volume4:1 – Part A : Part B
CureRoom Temp @ 25˚C
Tack time/Gel time40 min @ 25˚C
Total cure time8 hours @ 25˚C
Ceramic typeFused AI2O3
Ceramic grit size>80% 0.5 to 1.0 mm
Colour mixtureBronze/Black/White
Epoxy/Ceramic ratio>68% w/w ceramic
AppearanceBronze/black pas
Coverage2.8 kg-1 sqm at 1mm
Working life40 mins @ 25° C
Compressive Strength9,000 (N/mm2)
Hardness ASTM D 224088 Shore D
Peak exotherm55°C
Tensile strength9,500 psi
Flexural strength16,000 psi
Izod impact, ft lbs/in0.54
Weight loss @ 100°C0.4%
Volume resistivity1.4 × 1015 (ohm cm)
Dielectric const @ 10 6 Hz4.26
Typical Properties of Cured Material

To achieve product best use and performance, thorough mixing is required.

Application with a clean dry trowel achieves best results. A smooth finish can be obtained without the use of water or oil, typically 20 mins after mixing when best workability is possible. Heating can be applied to accelerate cure time. Thick applications cure faster due to the exothermic reaction of the reactants.