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Application Of Wear Products

  • Wear Pads
  • Jaw crush
  • Chute Linings
  • Ore Chutes
  • crusher Chutes
  • Tripper Chutes
  • Flop Gates
  • Bucket Liners
  • Grizzly Bars
  • Lip Protectors
  • Screen Plates
  • Bucket Liners
  • Floor Liners
  • Loaders
  • Knife Inserts
  • crusher Bars
  • Run Out Rolls
  • Dump Hoppers
  • crusher Hoppers
  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Rock Box Edges
  • Surge Bin Liners
  • Rock Box Liners
  • Skip Liners
  • Trough Liners
  • Draglines
  • Concentration Bins Buckets
  • Transition Pieces Coal Transfer
  • Shovels
  • Arm & Hub Liners
  • Bolt Protectors
  • Truck Bed Liners
  • Impact Wall Liners
  • Distribution Plates
  • Bucket Wheel Protection
  • Conveyor Transfer Points
  • Chutes Apron Feeder
  • Liners Loading Pocket
  • Liners Splitter/Divider
  • Plates Hammer Mill
  • Hopper Edges
  • Wear ApronsInserts Rolling Mill Guides
CCO Wear Liners

As a genuine mining and quarrying wear liner support service, REXLINE™  have excellent quality CCO plate and weld wires. The  microstructure of Cr7C3 carbide volume fraction is 50% or more which makes it one  of the reliable CCO Liners on the market. The CCO range also comes in Niobium enriched composition to provide additional abrasion  resistance.

The CCO plates can be:
  • Counter Sunk
  • Counter Bored
  • Manufactured to complex profiles
  • Fabricate and Roll Pipes
  • Wear Bands
  • Sieve Plates
Standard sheet sizes (20 on 12 & 17 on 12)
Small sheets (mm) Medium sheets (mm) Large Sheets (mm)
2670 x 1150 3000 x 2200 2870 x 2360
3000 x 1500 2800 x 2100
2800 x 1150 2670 x 2250
3000 x 1000 2800 x 1750
Ultraclad 60>6403.6–.4%<1.871.1–2.9%<0.032<0.02122–34%<0.03<1.1<0.06<0.02    
Ultraclad 80>6404.6–.4%<1.871.1–2.9%<0.032<0.02122–34% <1.1<0.06<0.02  2.5–13% 
Ultraclad PRO6000>7104.5-.4%<0.81.1-1.5%<0.032<0.02124–34% 0.1-1.1% <0.022–6%  <0.1%
PRO 6000 Earth Moving Equipment

UltraClad PRO6000 is perfectly suitable for hard  facing applications which requires impact  resistance, high abrasion resistance and  ability to withstand higher temperatures.

The temperature rating is up to 750°C. UltraClad range includes HTCC which is  manufactured with a mix of Tungsten,  Chromium Carbides and Boron Carbides in a  Nickel and Silicon matrix.

The REXLINE™  Bucket loader wear plates (CCO) will outlast quenched and tempered steels by up to 12 times and white iron by up to 4 times.

The wear plates maintains the  efficiency of chutes, bins, hoppers, buckets  and other material handling equipment  because it is quickly polished by abrading  materials.

Project Overview
REXLINE™ EngineeringChromium Carbide Overlay Wear Bands166581February, 28 2018
Case Study
  • The client, was in dire need for a high wear resistant material for the sizing crusher. The drum inside the crusher wears out quickly hence resulting in breakdowns and high maintenance intervals. Considering these equipment’s are highly performance driven and tonnage achieved is of importance, a breakdown is last thing needed.
  • REXLINE™ has developed its Chromium Carbide Steel Liner over years of reengineering and tests conducted over its chemical composition based on client requirements. REXLINE™ engineers suggested this product based on similar past applications.
  • Considering the Shape and manufacturability, these liners were welded on submerged arc welding station and were curved to suit the drum profile. As part of its services, REXLINE™ conducted QA/QC and Dimensional Checks to ensure the product is top quality and can be installed on the crusher with ease and each liner can be interchanged
Technical Specifications

Technical Data Chemical Composition of Wear Resistant Material Deposition

Size12 0n 12GradeD80StandardAS/NZS 2576 :2005
Requirement3.00 – 5.0034.0-45.00.5-2.500.50-1.50 
Test Result4.1239.41.020.81Bal
Hardness of Deposited Metal58 – 63
Recorded Hardness62.2
Project Benefit Review
Service Life

The steel liners were installed in March 2018 in the crusher. It was replaced in November 2018. Service Life : 8 Months.

The service life Increased by 25%


Replacement and Maintenance costs of these belts was reduced by 35%

Considering for a year’s worth of service life

Visual Checks
Hardness Checks
Dimensional Checks
Ni HARD BILLETS – Liners – Buttons- Bars

REXLINE™  – Laminated Wear Blocks are unique wear resistant materials in that they combine very high wear resistant qualities of white iron (ASTM A532 15/3CrMo, 700BHN – 63HRc) with a weldable & high impact toughness mild steel through a metallurgical bond to create a product that has a exceptional resistance to impact and abrasion.

Ni-Hard material also comes in  Hard skirt format with different shapes and  sizes depending on the application. The  additional chromium content enables the  skirts to withstand extended and continuous  abrasion in the application.

  • Tensile Strength  630 Mpa (min)
  • Shearing Strength  250 Mpa (min)
  • Hardness  63 HRC
  • Bimetallic Wear Plates
  • Chocky Bars and Wear Buttons
  • White iron wear blocks, wear bars
  • Micro ledges
  • Bimetallic wear pipes/Liners
  • Bucket protectors
  • Tungsten Carbide wear parts
  • Ni-Hard wear parts
  • Skid Wear Bar
  CSiMnNiCrSPMoBrinell Hardness
Project Overview
REXLINE™ EngineeringREXLINE™ Nihard Liners283362July, 23 2018
Material Information

Ni-Hard are martensitic white iron alloyed with Chromium and Nickel to provide high impact resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. Ni-Hard material also comes in Hard skirt format with different shapes and sizes depending on the application. The additional chromium content enables the skirts to withstand extended and continuous abrasion in the application.

Technical Specification:
Composition %CSiMnCrMoNiP/SHardness
Ni-hard 4-6002.8-3.21.5-2.20.2-0.88.0-10.0< 0.54.0-5.5< 0.06> HB600
42CrMo40.38-0.45< 0.40.6-0.90.9-1.20.15-0.3< 0.035Grade 8.8
Project Detail

For this project, we help our client to increase the service life of one of their chutes. A chute is an equipment which is normally used conveying goods in the mining industry to transfer and channel from one conveyor system to another.
The wall of the chute wears out fast during this process because of the ores colliding and hitting against the it. We recommend them to use the REXLINE™ Ni-Hard liners for protection which can resist that high amount of abrasion and impact.
The side skirts on the equipment was 20 mm long and the client used to get flex and bows in the skirts due to the long length. After discussing with USH engineering team, the best solution to prevent this problem from happening again is by implementing reinforce steel strips in the casting to hold the shape of the skirts and prevent them from bowing and bending.

Composition %CSiMnCrMoNiP/SHardness
Ni-hard 4-6002.8-3.21.5-2.20.2-0.88.0-10.0< 0.54.0-5.5< 0.06> HB600
42CrMo40.38-0.45< 0.40.6-0.90.9-1.20.15-0.3< 0.035Grade 8.8
Conclusion & Service Life

Using REXLINE™ Ni-hard liners, the service life of this equipment increased by 25%.

Composition %CSiMnCrMoNiP/SHardness
Ni-hard 4-6002.8-3.21.5-2.20.2-0.88.0-10.0< 0.54.0-5.5< 0.06> HB600
42CrMo40.38-0.45< 0.40.6-0.90.9-1.20.15-0.3< 0.035Grade 8.8
Product Quality Certificate
Nihard Wear Liners

Ni-Hard Wear Products
For over half a century, Ni-hard has been the number one choice for industrial processed demanding extreme abrasion resistance. Because of Its well proven, low-cost characteristics it is used in the mining, power, cement, ceramic, paint, dredging, coal-coke, steel and foundry industries. wear backs and metalworking rolls-the range of properties inherent in the different grades of Ni-hard has made it a worldwide success.

Table 1 Compositions of Ni-hard 4 irons
Ni-hard 42.6-3.21.8-2.00.4-0.6max 0.1max 0.064.5-6.58.0-9.00-0.4
Table 2 Typical mechanical and physical properties of Ni-hard 4
Rockwell C56-60
Tensile Strength[MPa]500-650
Transverse strength[Mpa]600-800
Deflection [mm]2.0-2.8
Compressive strength[Mpa]280-310
Specific density[g/cm]7.75
Project Overview
REXLINE™ EngineeringNihard Wear Liners & BilletsChuteApril, 2018
Project Overview
REXLINE™ EngineeringChrome Iron Nihard LinersInlet Feeder ChuteApril, 2018