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Conveyor Weighing with Unique features

Key Features:

  • Fully electronic, no lever or parallelogram system.
  • Idler brackets directly mounted on load cells
  • Special design load cell mounting assembly for garland type idlers.
  • Speed encoder with 1024 pulses per revolution for very accurate speed measurement. As low as 20 Kg
  • load cells for low flow rate belt weighing.
  • Repeated long term accuracy of better than ± 0.5-1%% on fixed conveyors and 1-2%on mobile screening and crushing equipment including loco-tracks.
  • State of the art Controller with DI/DOS & interlocking features
  • Remote production monitoring – optional feature – by SMS or Cloud real time monitoring.
  • Optional, Tamper Proof features.
Cloud Monitoring
  • Live Flow rate totals & Speed
  • Graphical representation
  • Report generation
  • Select any data & time range
  • Track belt down time production stoppage etc
Plant Connect Possibilities