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EPCM Services
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Overland Conveyors

REXLINE overland conveyor expertise includes both surface and underground applications.

REXLINE surface conveyer system covers:

  •  Relocatable conveyors
  • Long distance overland conveyors
  • Satellite pit overland conveyors
  • In-plant conveyors
  • Loading stations
  •  Bins/hoppers
  • Stackers
  • Heap leach material management packages
  • Dry tailings stacking systems
  • Overburden removal and deposition

Our capabilities include regenerative systems, proportional braking, variable-speed-drivers, and overland tripper conveyors. Further more long, and complex conveyors require special attention to dynamic conditions such as acceleration and deceleration, emergency stops, regeneration and in the case oflong tripper conveyors, variable load, and inertia conditions. These dynamic conditions affect the selection of drives, brakes, and other mechanical and electrical systems, and introduce dynamic loads to structures that all must be considered for safe, reliable and long-term operation.