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Operation & Maintenance
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Electrical & Power Generation System Based on Output Tonnage

  • Operation and general Maintenance if Diesel Generators.
  • General Maintenance of Diesel Generator installed at Water Supply Scheme.
  • General Maintenance if mobile light towers.
  • Provide preventive maintenance, major works of the Generator system, Power Control Systems and Main Control Systems of Conveyors (MCC) in Powerhouse Three, Powerhouse One, and other Places.
  • Maintain a logbook to record the operation and breakdown data.
  • Maintaining the history of breakdown and subsequently analysing the root cause of the break down to prevent the re-occurrence of similar break down in the
  • Maintenance of the generator system includes maintenance of engine, alternator, and troubleshooting of various control
  • Maintaining of the electrical motors fixed on various conveying systems including their control units.
  • All the electrical connections up to the PCC’s and MCC’s and downstream electrical systems up to local control stations, motors, and filed monitoring
  • Maintenance of lighting near each powerhouse and conveyor lighting is included in the contractor scope.
  • To carry out maintenance of all the general electrical installation in the premises of the client site which includes and not limited to
  • General wiring & lighting installation.
  • Replacement of internal lighting in the workshops, store, offices, colony, Fuel Tank areas, Jetty area, Jetty mess accommodation, Water treatment plant & pit area satellite offices.
  • Yard Lighting at Workshops, Stores, ofices, colony, Fuels tank area, Jetty area, Jetty mess accommodation & Water Treatment Plant
  • Replacement/Repair Solar Streetlamps
  • Replacement/Repair of control units/panels
  • Replacement/Repair of Geasers/Fans etc.
  • Power supply to CC cameras installed at various locations
  • Power supply to compressors, welding machines, or any other electrically operated devices.
  • To install the power supply to any new installation as directed by the client.
  • To co-ordinate with local PLN authorities on the issues related to power supplies from PLN.
  • To monitor daily power supplies from PLN and maintain the control units at the PLN substation.
  • To carry out maintenance and operation work in consultation with the owner’s Electrical Site Manager.
  • The site Co-Ordinator will report to the Owner’s Electrical site Manager on a daily basis duly submitting damage reports if any of the components in the system which require
  • To make the planning of preventive maintenance in consultation with the Owner’s Electrical Site
  • Manager Maintenance Schedule and maintenance works shall be according to the Owner’s
  • Top overhauling & Semi Overhaul of the generators.