Operation & Maintenance

Operation And Maintenance Of Material Handling System Based On Output Tonnage

Material Handling System maintenance covers such as and not limited to inspection maintenance, repair or replacement of various components pertaining to

  • Feeder Breaker
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Driver system ( Gear Box & Motors )
  • Idlers
  • Pulleys
  • Transfer Points
  • Chutes
  • Mis tracking/ Training Rollers
  • Belt Cleaners
  • Secondary Crusher, Hopper and Screen condition
  • Feeding hoppers including repair /replacement of grizzly, wingwalls, etc as and when required
  • Gate hoppers

Rexline Engineering Core Activity For Operation And Mechanical Maintenance:

  • Visual Check-up, Sound and temperature and also provide marking on equipment that has been indicated to be damaged.
  • Guard all necessary equipment and machines needed in belt conveyor maintenance.
  • Conduct routine inspection to all belt conveyor facilities covered in the scope of belt conveyor maintenance work, provide reports and recommendations.
  • Conduct routine inspection, reports and analysis for rollers and conduct roller re­placement work if found an improper condition which includes carry roller, return roller, impact roller, transition roller and their frames or part of roller related with the roller types.
  • Conduct routine inspection reports and analysis on belt joint failure, belt misalign­ment. Also, conduct training roller replacement and repair work required to up-keep belt conveyor alignment.
  • Conduct routine inspection/replacement on pulley including bearing, seal, oil temper­ature Plummer Blocks, lagging condition and provide reports, analysis and also take preventive actions to upkeep pulley performance.
  • Conduct daily inspection, reports and analysis for Rubber skirt, Skirt boards and its supporting structure and conduct rubber skirt, skirt boards and its supporting struc­ture and conduct rubber skirt, Skirt board and its supporting structure repair/ re­placement work
  • Conduct daily inspection, monitoring and welding repairs jobs on transfer point, de­flector pints and loading point (open hoppers ) on Belt, replacement of grizzly make reports and recommendation on repair and modification condition required.
  • Conduct daily inspection and monitoring on Belt Cleaner and also conduct preventive and corrective maintenance to up-keep Belt Cleaner Performance
  • Conduct daily inspection monitoring and welding repair on open hopper and chute and provide recommendations on required actions.
  • Conduct daily inspection monitoring and welding repair on Gate hoppers and provide a recommendation on required actions.
  • Conduct daily inspection, reports and analysis for Crusher, Hopper, Chute and conduct monitoring on crusher operation and conduct investigation in case there is trouble and provide its solution.
  • Conduct daily inspection, reports and analysis for feeder Breaker, Hopper, chute, Chain, Flight Bars, Crusher Roll & Picks, Motor, Planetary Gear Boxes, drive and tail Assemblies and V belts, and conduct investigation in case there is a trouble and pro­vide its solution.
  • Conduct weekly inspection, repots and analysis for Driver system including Drive System cleaning of the possibility of contaminated by washed, material, sound, and temperature monitoring.
  • Conduct weekly inspection, report and analysis on temperature and lubricant lists as outlined in the daily inspection list prepared by the maintenance team.
  • Maintaining the history of breakdown and subsequently analysing the root cause of the breakdown to prevent the re-occurrence of similar breakdown in the future.

Operation And Maintenance Electrical & Power Generation System Based On Output Tonnage

  • Operation and general Maintenance if Diesel Generators.
  • General Maintenance of Diesel Generator installed at Water Supply Scheme.
  • General Maintenance if mobile light towers.
  • Provide preventive maintenance, major works of the Generator system, Power Control Systems and Main Control Systems of Conveyors (MCC) in Powerhouse Three, Power­house One, and other Places.
  • Maintain a logbook to record the operation and breakdown data.
  • Maintaining the history of breakdown and subsequently analysing the root cause of the break down to prevent the re-occurrence of similar break down in the future.
  • Maintenance of the generator system includes maintenance of engine, alternator, and troubleshooting of various control systems.
  • Maintaining of the electrical motors fixed on various conveying systems including their control units.
  • All the electrical connections up to the PCC’s and MCC’s and downstream electrical systems up to local control stations, motors, and filed monitoring cameras.
  • Maintenance of lighting near each powerhouse and conveyor lighting is included in the contractor scope.
  • To carry out maintenance of all the general electrical installation in the premises of the client site which includes and not limited to
  • General wiring & lighting installation.
  • Replacement of internal lighting in the workshops, store, offices, colony, Fuel Tank areas, Jetty area, Jetty mess accommodation, Water treatment plant & pit area satellite offices.
  • Yard Lighting at Workshops, Stores, ofices, colony, Fuels tank area, Jetty area, Jetty mess accommodation & Water Treatment Plant
  • Replacement/Repair Solar Streetlamps
  • Replacement/Repair of control units/panels
  • Replacement/Repair of Geasers/Fans etc.
  • Power supply to CC cameras installed at various locations
  • Power supply to compressors, welding machines, or any other electrically operated devices.
  • To install the power supply to any new installation as directed by the client.
  • To co-ordinate with local PLN authorities on the issues related to power supplies from PLN.
  • To monitor daily power supplies from PLN and maintain the control units at the PLN substation.
  • To carry out maintenance and operation work in consultation with the owner’s Elec­trical Site Manager.
  • The site Co-Ordinator will report to the Owner’s Electrical site Manager on a daily basis duly submitting damage reports if any of the components in the system which require replacement.
  • To make the planning of preventive maintenance in consultation with the Owner’s Electrical Site Manager Maintenance Schedule and maintenance works shall be ac­cording to the Owner’s Instruction.
  • Top overhauling & Semi Overhaul of the generators.

Operation And Maintenance Of Pump

Rexline Engineering has best quality of the pumps and it is running in outside condi­tion. With the service contract, our experienced service technicians under the works of pump and system maintenance.


  • Optimized and reliable operations and repair services
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost Efficient
  • Time Efficient
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Corrective Installation
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Engineering consulting Support and Quick response for Emergency Services

We make sure the pumping systems functioning efficiently and schedule our techni­cians to visit for preventive maintenance check.

Rexline Engineering has capabilities to provide a wide range of services including reconditioning, repair and modification and consulting.

Repair and maintenance service includes:

  • On-site Repair by Certified Technicians
  • Specifically Examine the condition of the pump including its impeller, seals, valves, and volute.
  • Assess the condition of pipe work for wear or damage
  • Shaft Alignments
  • Impellor Balancing
  • Overall Pump Vibration
  • Ensure sump and floats are clean
  • Pump Upgrade Recommendations
  • Re-Blowing Program
  • Maintenance Training

Operation And Maintenance Of Weighbridge

Two levels of weighbridge maintenance should be considered to form part of the regular maintenance plan

Basic Routine Maintenance

Weighbridge maintenance should take place as part of a daily /weekly routine depend­ing on the type of site. The build-up of debris and water should be monitored and ob­structions should be removed from beneath the bridge to provide clearance between the weighbridge and the ground.

  • Pit weighbridges should be checked to make sure clearances are clean and the correct gap between the deck and pit wall are in place.
  • ‘T’ section rubber can be used to help maintain gaps and should be replaced if worn or damaged.
  • Regular end-middle-end tests should be carried out to review the accuracy of the scale. This basic cleaning and maintenance can be carried out by a site foreman or weighbridge operative.

Service And Support

Refurbishment & Overhaul

Regular refurbishment and overhaul of system components such as pulleys, idlers, gearboxes, conveyor drivers and hydraulic systems are sustainable measures to ensure conveyors have maximum availability and prolonged life.

Our service is not limited to refurbishment to REXLINE Conveyors products, we regu­larly overhaul equipment manufactured by others at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Lifecycle Management

REXLINE has built understanding and experience with regard to the lifecycle require­ments of a conveyor system. With proven industry experience, REXLINE Engineering Works closely with clients to achieve customized solutions.

Asset Optimization

REXLINE Engineering Understands the importance of plant efficiency, especially in a mining environment. With facilities conveniently located in close to mining regions, our terms of experienced professionals are available to deliver prompt, efficient and reliable service to the world’s largest mining companies.

Conveyor Construction, Installation & Commissioning

REXLINE offers full turnkey system packages complete with project management and site installation along with supervision services for installation and commissioning.

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Technical Support

We have locally based technical support, well equipped to provide flexible and com­plete solution with an understanding of your equipment and the situation in which you operate.