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Solution provider for complete range of industrial electronic weighing and material handling equipment & systems, including, design, sales and service with state of the art electronics from reputed multinationals from all over the globe.

Portable Single Platform Weighing

Key Features:

  1. Portable weigh bridge of 5 x 3 or 9 x 3m platform with 6 load cells.
  2. Excellent long term solution & repeatable Supplied with Ramps.
  3. Very sturdy and accurate – Bases are joined and even with high steel usage, its not movable
  4. Portable easy to Can be easily dismantled and shifted
  5. Single platform weighing
Dual Track Portable Weighbridges
Portable Multiplatform Weighbridges

Key Features:

  1. Designed for multi draft weighing / axle
  2. Different Platform sizes are made to suit the application as multi platform static/Axle Weighing & Portable weigh
  3. Requires only levelled surfaces and not RCC
  4. The Weigh Bridge & controller with built in Printer can be shifted anywhere and
  5. Each platform can be configured up to 40t Capacity and any permutation & combination of Vehicles can be
  6. The Accuracy will be +/- 20Kg as Multi-platform Axle weighing Accuracy +/- 40Kg.
Weighpad based concrete/bulk cement/flyash loading weighbridge

Key Features:

  1. They do not require a Solid foundation as required by the standard weigh
  2. Any Leveled concrete surface can accommodate these pads as weigh
  3. In concreting operations, the vehicles plying have standard Wheel bases & no of axles and the Discharge Chute position is fixed. Hence you may make small pits of 40mm & place all the pads as per wheel The vehicle will stand on these pads, the Indicator will tare of the vehicle & the Loading Starts.
  4. The target weight can be set on the Indicator & the same will give a 4-20mA output for PLC control, for controlling the Loading


Fixed Type Weigh Bridges
Standard DimensionsNon Standard Dimensions
7.5 x 3m16 x 3.5m
9 x 3m18 x 3.5m
12 x 3m20 x 3.5m
14 x 3m 
16 x 3m 
18 x 3m 
20 x 3m 

Design as per customer requirement including for Off Road Dumpers