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Primary Belt Cleaner

PRE-CLEANER is an economical yet efficient solution for conveyor belt cleaning problems.

Pre-Cleaner is designed for long term performance to withstand punishing conditions. It is made up of heavy duty steel pipe frame to withstand high speed belt with heavy loads.

Ideally installed on the face of the head pulley, just below the origin of material trajectory, the cleaner design prevents material build up and returns valuable carry back material back Into the primary material stream.

The cleaner incorporates a Single piece solid Urethane Blade as the cleaning tip. The blade is mounted with single locking pin arrangement which makes installation and maintenance.

Colour coded Polyurethane blades suitable for different application and conditions are available on request.


Minimum Cleaning pressure exerted on the belt with maximum efficiency.
The scraper’s design allows ease of installation and replacement of blade with the removal of locking pin.
The tensioning device ensures constant blade contact with belt.
Unique design maintains constant cleaning angle and optimum radial pressure through all stages of blade life.
Pre cleaner incorporates a sturdy PU blade and heavy duty carrier tube

Blade Color Red Brown Green
Application All Standard Applications High Moisture, High Abrasive & wear, Chemical High Temperature, High Abrasion & wear
Max. Service Temp. ( °C ) Continuous – 70 Continuous – 70 Continuous – 120
Max. Belt Speed ( m/s ) 4.6 4.6 4.6
Min. Pulley Dia. ( mm ) 305 305 305
Wear Life (mm ) 115 115 115
Belt Width in mm     Assembly P/N   Dim. – A in mm   Dim. – B in mm   Net Weight in Kg     Spare Blade P/N     Mainframe P/N
500 TCP-0500-X-X 1500 450 24.09 TCP-SP-0500-X TCP-SP-0500-MF
650 TCP-0650-X-X 1650 600 26.45 TCP-SP-0600-X TCP-SP-0600-MF
800 TCP-0800-X-X 1800 750 28.80 TCP-SP-0800-X TCP-SP-0800-MF
1000 TCP-1000-X-X 2000 900 31.47 TCP-SP-1000-X TCP-SP-1000-MF
1200 TCP-1200-X-X 2200 1050 34.14 TCP-SP-1200-X TCP-SP-1200-MF
1400 TCP-1400-X-X 2400 1200 43.55 TCP-SP-1400-X TCP-SP-1400-MF
1600 TCP-1600-X-X 2600 1500 48.00 TCP-SP-1600-X TCP-SP-1600-MF
1800 TCP-1800-X-X 2800 1650 51.02 TCP-SP-1800-X TCP-SP-1800-MF
2000 TCP-2000-X-X 3000 1800 54.03 TCP-SP-2000-X TCP-SP-2000-MF
2200 TCP-2200-X-X 3200 1950 57.04 TCP-SP-2200-X TCP-SP-2200-MF
2400 TCP-2400-X-X 3400 2250 61.49 TCP-SP-2400-X TCP-SP-2400-MF

* Replace “X” with R for red color blade, B for brown color & G for green color Applicable for spare blade part number also.

** Replace second ‘X” with ‘S or T “ for spring or torque tensioner respectively.

*** For SS frame, add “-SS” at the end of Assembly part number

**** Add ‘( SS ) “ at end of mainframe part number for Stainless steel mainframe

Accessories & Spares
Rexline provides a range of accessories for easy installation and maintenance of belt cleaners. They include mounting brackets, inspection doors, tensioning devices etc. Custom made brackets and fittings are also available for specific applications.

Spring Tensioner 60ɸ


Spring Tensioner 76ɸ


Torq Tensioner 60ɸ


Torq Tensioner 76ɸ


End Cap 60ɸ


End Cap 76ɸ



TAIL PLOW is an economical solution to prevent the material which is falling on the top surface of return belt, from entering between belt and the pulley.

Ideally installed on inner loop of the return side of conveyor belt before tail and take-up Pulley. The sturdy 200mm x 100mm size blade provides 50 mm wear life at service temperatures up to 180°C and belt speeds up to 7.5 m/sec.

  • Choice of rubber and polyurethane blades to suit various temperatures and belt speeds.
  • V Plow for unidirectional and diagonal plows for reversible applications.
  • Tensioning arrangement to ensure constant contact between cleaner blade and belt.
  • Suitable for high-speed and high-tonnage belts.
  • Can be customized to meet site requirements.
Cleaner   Application   Maximum Service Temperature   Maximum Belt Speed   Wear Life
  V -TYPE   Unidirectional Belt   120°C   7.5 M/s   50 mm
  D – TYPE   Bidirectional   120°C   7.5 M/s   50 mm
  Belt Widt h (mm)     Blade Coverag e (mm) V Plow D Plow Hardness (Shore A)
  Assembly P/N* Blade Length (mm)   Spares P/N*   Assembly P/N* Blade Length (mm)   Spares P/N*   PU   Rubbe r
500 600 TTV-0500-X-X 790 TTV-SP-0500-X-X TTD-0500-X-X 850 TTD-SP-0500-X-X                       80+/-5                       60+/-5
650 750 TTV-0650-X-X 1010 TTV-SP-0650-X-X TTD-0650-X-X 1060 TTD-SP-0650-X-X
800 900 TTV-0800-X-X 1220 TTV-SP-0800-X-X TTD-0800-X-X 1270 TTD-SP-0800-X-X
1000 1100 TTV-1000-X-X 1500 TTV-SP-1000-X-X TTD-1000-X-X 1560 TTD-SP-1000-X-X
1200 1300 TTV-1200-X-X 1780 TTV-SP-1200-X-X TTD-1200-X-X 1840 TTD-SP-1200-X-X
1400 1500 TTV-1400-X-X 2070 TTV-SP-1400-X-X TTD-1400-X-X 2120 TTD-SP-1400-X-X
1600 1700 TTV-1600-X-X 2350 TTV-SP-1600-X-X TTD-1600-X-X 2400 TTD-SP-1600-X-X
1800 1800 TTV-1800-X-X 2630 TTV-SP-1800-X-X TTD-1800-X-X 2690 TTD-SP-1800-X-X
2000 2100 TTV-2000-X-X 2900 TTV-SP-2000-X-X TTD-2000-X-X 2970 TTD-SP-2000-X-X
2200 2300 TTV-2200-X-X 3200 TTV-SP-2200-X-X TTD-2200-X-X 3250 TTD-SP-2200-X-X
2400 2500 TTV-2400-X-X 3480 TTV-SP-2400-X-X TTD-2400-X-X 3540 TTD-SP-2400-X-X

* Replace 1st X with R if operating temperature is <700 C & G if operating temperature is <700 C, Replace 2rd X with R or P for Blade material, Rubber or Polyurethane