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Operation & Maintenance
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Refurbishment & Overhaul

Regular refurbishment and overhaul of system components such as pulleys, idlers, gearboxes, conveyor drivers and hydraulic systems are sustainable measures to ensure conveyors have maximum availability and prolonged life.

Our service is not limited to refurbishment to Rexline Conveyors products,  we regularly overhaul equipment manufactured by others at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Conveyor Construction, Installation & Commissioning

Rexline Engineering Indonesia offers full turnkey system packages complete with project management and site installation along with supervision services for installation and commissioning.

Asset Optimization

Rexline Engineering Indonesia Understands the importance of plant efficiency, especially in a mining environment. With facilities conveniently located in close to mining regions, our terms of experienced professionals are available to deliver prompt, efficient and reliable service to the world’s largest mining companies.

Lifecycle Management

Rexline Engineering Indonesia has built understanding and experience with regard to the lifecycle requirements of a conveyor system. With proven industry experience, Rexline Engineering Indonesia Works closely with clients to achieve customized solutions.