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Project Reference
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General Procedure

1. New Manhole Fabrication & Rubber Lining
2. Digging, Loading, Hauling & Dumping Sediment with Excavator RL 08
3. Transfer sediment to outside tank with a portable mini conveyor
4. Inspection after cleaning
5. Bottom rubber lining repair

General Information Of Sediment & Tank

General Information Of Sendiment

Diameter Tank43m
Height Sendimen6.5m
Volume Sendimen9443.11
General Information Of Unit RL 08
Capacity Bucket 0.02
Time/Cycle 9 second

Estimation Cleaning Process

No of Cycle472155Cycle
Lead Time4249398Second
No of Machine2Unit
Lead Time24.5914Day
Schedule Of Cleaning Process
Sludge Cutting Method
Cleaning Progress