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Project Reference
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Pt. Rexline Engineering Indonesia Awarded To Dismantle And Rebuid Entire Conveyor System In Java Region

REXLINE ENGINEERING Conveyors are a leading technology provider for fully integrated bulk materials handling solutions to the mining industry.

REXLINE ENGINEERING has been designing and installing bulk material handling systems across various applications, commodities, and countries for many years.

Our systems are specifically designed for our clients’ unique requirements and can be either stationary or shiftable.

In-house Capabilities:

Front-end engineering design of Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Engineers Process, Detailed drafting, Manufacturing and Fabrication of idlers, Pulleys, Electrical and Control systems, Installation and Commissioning, Servicing and Auditing.

Project Reference:

Job Name: PT Rexline Engineering 1.5km conveyor system complete dismantle existing structure and commission new conveyor system for barge loading

Scope of work & Supply:

  1. Based on MOM
  2. Material supply will be based material list, specification, and brand will be approved by PLN.
  3. New build conveyor system from jetty to stockyard (new redundant conveyor system)
  4. Apply appropriate new build conveyor and supply all the parts of material
  5. Dismantle 100% materials of existing conveyor system
  6. Refurbished and / or mantling / dismantling replace with new conveyor unit based on assessment data
  7. Include conveyor’s structure from above of civil concrete “pedestal” mild steel, mechanical part, electrical part & instrument part (include civil work)
  8. Heavy duty and electrical source connection during installation
  9. Provide 1 special team for this intended work during the work carried out
  10. Engineering division for check & discussion with related division too
  11. Based on approval drawing and approval engineering document