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A properly laid foundation is essential for any water tank. Every 1000 liters of water weighs 1 ton, so it is very important to consider creating a foundation that can support the weight of the entire tank.

  1. Types of tank placement:
    • Tower made of iron frame that has no gaps in the base of the tank
    • Tower made of reinforced concrete
    • Dak of reinforced concrete
    • Ground floor of reinforced concrete or masonry
  2. The foundation for the base of the tank must be clean, flat, tight and even (water level)
  3. The placement location for building the foundation must be solid and stable
  4. The width of the foundation must be greater than the diameter of the
  5. Do not place a water tank over buried piping and/or cable installations that may require service or maintenance.
  6. Placement of the location of the tank must be avoided from areas / locations that have mobility and busy traffic
  7. Do not install the water tank above an underground structure such as a warehouse, septic tank, sewer, etc

Polyethylene tanks have a tolerance limit for expansion/shrinkage elasticity, which is 3% of the tank dimensions. All tank joints shall have provisions that allow movement when the tank expands/contracts due to changes in temperature and load. Here are tips on installing a water tank to the pump:

  • Use the pump according to the pressure needed
  • The pump is positioned where it is easy to check if a problem occurs
  • Place the pump as close as possible to the water source, because reducing the suction pipe distance will increase the power of the discharge
  • Installation of the pump must not be directly or close to the tank outlet
  • Use flexible connections to protect tank walls from pump vibration
  • The pump must be fastened (bolted) firmly to the holder, to avoid movement and vibration of the pump while it is operating
  • Reduce the number of bends in pipe joints to prevent leaks in pipe installations and minimize power resistance
  • Install a Sand Filter (strainer) for water sources that are easily sucked in by dirt