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Building Security Control Room

The Building Security Control Room contains all security control operations for the courthouse. From this centralized area, all security zones and safety alarm systems are monitored and assistance dispatched.The security control room must be staffed constantly during regular work hours.

What are the main functions of a security control room?

The security control room is the central point of all communications within an operation. Alongside this there has to be full control and monitoring of security and safety systems, for example, CCTV sources supplied in real-time.


The building security control room serves as headquarters during any emergency. From here personnel would be dispatched in response to emergencies and external agencies would be summoned or notified.


The security control room should have proper thermostatic and ventilation conditions, as this improves the concentration of the officers on duty. High-density lighting should be used, but not so high that it creates a glare on the television monitors. All power and lighting for this room should be from the building’s emergency electrical service. All equipment should be on an uninterruptible power supply and all electricity should be conditioned.

The central control room should have an equipment room and toilets for staff.

Adjacency and Circulation

The security control room should be centrally located near the main public entrance, or it may be located near or in the central holding area close to secure circulation. In larger courthouses, additional security stations should be located on the court floors, near the public circulation areas.


In larger facilities, an alternative arrangement would be to decentralize security access by locating a security station on each court-floor.


No unauthorized persons should have access to the security control room. Access to the life safety equipment panel should be limited to building management. Also located with the central security control room is the protective equipment such as security and duress alarms, fire alarm, emergency elevator control, public address system, fire alarm enunciator panel, etc.


The security control room shall contain a combination desk and control panel, a lockable file cabinet, and a storage locker. The security stations are open workstations consisting of a desk and chair.