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Genset Placement Standards That Must Be Noticed

Prepare a Special Room

This special room must have good ventilation and air circulation. So that later the engine will not heat up easily and can get rid of the smoke from the combustion engine optimally.

Of course this is very important to note because it relates to the safety of the generator engine, including the operator. Exhaust fumes from engine combustion can be dangerous to operators if they accumulate indoors.

Make sure it’s safe from the heat and rain

For example, the machine is used outdoors, so make sure it is still given a special cover. Of course so that the machine is not exposed to direct sunlight and also rain water so that it can cause damage later.

Sunlight can damage the engine more quickly, while rain water will cause rust. So that for long-term use, both of them must be avoided in placing generators so that they are more durable and certainly safe.

Pay attention to the position of the machine

Currently there are generators with silent technology, so they don’t make noise. However, if you are still using an old model generator, you need to pay attention to the position of its placement with various careful considerations beforehand.

Try not to disturb the people in the neighborhood. When the machine is turned on, it will usually make a loud noise which is quite annoying if not tricked properly.

Keep away from sources of fire

For the safety of its use, you must ensure that the generator is placed away from any source of fire. Of course this is done to prevent dangerous accidents from happening later.

Considering that the electric power generated by the generator can also be quite large. So make sure you make the surroundings of the machine free of any hazards, including the reach of children.

Use trailer to move

If its use is not only for one place, it is necessary to prepare a trailer. So that later it will be easier to move it. Moreover, generators are large and heavy. The trailer will also minimize damage during transportation. Paying attention to various things in detail including the position of the machine is indeed very important. That way you can meet the generator placement standards and maximize its use according to individual needs, of course.