Wear protection slurry lining

Rexline Rex Premium Test Certificate

Case Study 1

Spools Fabrication & Rubber lining


Project Name Rubber Lining of Spools with Rexline Rex Premium
Project No. PO4500095536 & PO4500095543
Asset 650NB Spools – Various sizes
Document ID #01
Date Produced 22/10/17

Project scope performance
Fabricate and Paint to Spec. System E, Beige and Rubber Line with 25MM Thick REXLINE REX

  • SPOOL, T,985MM,215-1382/0135-R7L1-650-SPP -7 no’s
  • SPOOL,2737MM,215-1382/0135-R7L1-650-SPP -6 no’s
  • SPOOL, T,849MM,215-1382/0135-R7L1-650-SPP -5 no’s

AG Mill Concentrator Suction Spool Set

Process Parameters Explanations
Application of these pipes Slurry piping
Mode of failure Normal wear and tear – Liner worn
Areas of failure Near flange areas, elbows and tee off points.
Current Life of the pipe Varies from pipe to pipe refer attached spread sheet
Material/particle size Max particle size 12 – 25mm, no size distribution data available
Velocity Pumped velocity not available
Pump discharge pressure 3500Kpa
Density 50% 1472 kg/m3
Normal flow rate 5500 m3
Maximum flow rate 8000m3
Pipe size used DN550, 600 & 650 in various lines

Note: These pipe lines are feeding cluster of cyclones where min required pressure is 35kpa and flow rate is 3800m3.

Major scope changes
Replacement of Premium Red Rubber 25mm by 24mm Thick REXLINE REX Premium.

REXLINE REX Premium has better wear life compared to Premium Red Rubber. Overall cost saving of 40% on the Rubber Lining and better life.

Project benefits review

Proposed Changes / Benefits
Life Expected life on the market premium red rubber was exceeded by 30% upon installation of REXLINE Rex Premium.
COST Cost involved in maintenance of these set of spools was reduced by a minimum of 40% on a projection of 1 year.

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Case Study 2

Feed Distributor


Project No. PO4500108943
Document ID #05
Date Produced 29/10/17

Project scope performance

Project benefits review

Scope of Work
Dismantle and Inspection A.Unload the distributor box from transport vehicle
B.Unload the Distributor box from transport frame
C.Dismantle the distributor box
D.Clean the distributor box
E.Visual inspection of the distributor box
F.Thickness measurements and submit report
G. General condition report on supported with photos
Removal of Existing Lining A.Blast and remove the rubber lining
Repair and Welding A. Cut out the workout section, subject to
thickness of plate retaining existing nozzle
B. Re weld and blend for rubber lining
C. Cut out and replace the entire nozzle section
D. Weld patches of external compensation plates. Thickness of 20mm
Surface Treatment and Rubber Lining A. Internal blast of the distributor box
B. Application of Chemlok 205
C. Rubber Lining 25m REXLINE REX PREMIUM
D. Replace existing seals/flange rubber on the endplate sealing faces
E. Internal blast of the distributor box
F. Application of Chemlok 205
G. Rubber Lining 25m REXLINE REX PREMIUM
H. Replace existing seals/flange rubber on the endplate sealing faces
Assembly A. Reassemble the distributor box
B. Record the assembly data
C. Fasteners replacement
Blast and Painting A. Blast and Painting to specifications
B. Inspection reports and quality tests

Note: The distributor had few of the nozzles blow out due to the excessive wear on the outlets. The issue was found to be caused by wear on the previous rubber sheeting which was worn out and subsequently causing damages to parent metal.

Major scope changes
Replacement of existing rubber lining with REXLINE Rex Premium of equivalent thickness

Project benefits review

Proposed Changes / Benefits
Life Life of the distributor was increased by 25% without any significant wear on the outlet rubber lining providing complete protection for parent metal
COST Overall cost of the maintenance was reduced by 25%

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