Telescoping Belt Conveyor


Telescopic Belt Conveyor are also known as cantilevered booms or extendable conveyors, will load/unload virtually any loose item quickly, safely & efficiently. By extending directly into the truck or trailer without the need of support reduces load/unload time.

Rexline Engineering Telescopic Conveyor assist in faster & safer operation at lower cost.

Loading and unloading operations can be very easily and advantageously performed by system’s extension and retraction parts which can move forward and reverse. Conveyor system can be used in both delivery exit and storage yard entry, because conveyor system has both forward and reverse working principle.

Salient Features

  •   Efficient Operations – It doesn’t required Dock Levelers & Forklifts.
  •   Customizable Feeding – 10ft. to 40ft.
  •   Speed – up to 30 meters/minute.
  •   Power Consumption – 4 Kw. maximum.
  •   Electrical Protection – IP55.
  •   Capacity – upto 50 Kg/Meter U.D.L at full extension.

Optional Features

  • Hydraulic lift to cover the height of the container.
  • Foot-Over stand can carry single person.
  •  Automated boom control – boom retracts as truck gets filled.
  •  Mechanical clutch to engage / disengage telescopic drive
  •  Mechanical crank with safety sensor for telescopic drive
  •  Tower lamp and alarm options are available.

Technical Specifications

  • Telescopic Drive – Electric Motor, 1 HP (0.75 KW)
  • Belt Drive – Electric Motor, 2 HP (1.5 KW)
  • Belt Speed – up to 30 meters / min
  • Belt Type – PVC 3-Ply, low stretch & 6mm thickness
  • Belt Direction – Forward and Reverse
  • Telescopic Speed – 5 – 10 meters / min
  • Power Supply – 415VAC 50Hz3 Phase (other options available)
  • LED Lights
  •  Hand Rails
  • Overall Width – 1000 mm.
  • Wheels with Leveling Pad.
  • Bumper Safety-Anti-Collision Rod
  • Control System – Siemens PLC/ Danfoss Drives/PNF or Baumer Sensors/Schneider Switchgears – 24V DC .

Model Specifications

Model Name Extended Sections A. Base Length B. Max. Length C. Total Extended


Belt Width Weight Capacity
REX-1-3020-65/90 1 3000 mm

(10 Ft.)

2000mm (6 Ft.) 5000 mm

(16 Ft.)



50 Kg/Mtr.
REX-2-6060-65/90 2 6000 mm

(20 Ft.)

6000 mm

(20 Ft.)

12000 mm

(40 Ft.)



50 Kg/Mtr.
REX-3-6090-60 3 6000 mm

(20 Ft.)

9000 mm

(30 Ft.)

15000 mm

(50 Ft.)



30 Kg/Mtr.
REX-3-4060-60  3 4000 mm

(13 Ft.)

6000 mm

(20 Ft.)

10000 mm

(33 Ft.)



30 Kg/Mtr.

Safety & Additional Features

  •   75 Kg/mtr is available upto 4 decks, though extension in length will be shorter & 50,  kg/mtr upto 5 decks.
  •   1000mm or special Belt width is also available.
  •   Colors used are for different decks of Telescopic
  • Height:
    • (a) If Castor Wheels are required (it will increase the height by 215mm).
    • (b) If Channel+ M.S. wheels are required, it will increase Height by 50mm.
  •   Hydraulics* inclines deck for easy loading and unloading as while stacking de stacking operator
  •   Efficiency is improved.
  •   Hydraulics* are also used to manage different height of trucks means the start of body has different
  •   Heights and sometimes slight angle is required.

Safety Basic Features which comes with all Telescopic Conveyors

  • All Pinch points & Moving parts covered
  • Movable Remote in front
  • Emergency Switch
  • Main Panel with Loto Switch
  • Telescopic Boom Lockable
  • Guard below the last extended deck

Safety Advance Features Module I: Optional

  • POP up Rollers in extended boom used for maintaining gap between Tail end roller & operator hand for safety and also slowing down the product for picking up or putting down Foldable Idler Roller at Fixed Boom Side for safety and also slowing down the product for picking up or putting down & Transfer at different Angle.
  • Integration with your Existing Conveyor System.

Safety Advance Features Module II: Optional

  • Anti Pin Bar Mechanism ( if it touches the operator, Telescopic stops there, then starts after resetting from main panel)
  • Fix Remote in front
  • HEAD-LED Light in front of Extended boom
  • Brushes at openings from where telescopic booms come out
  • Automatic Belt tracking System
  • Tower Lamp with Hooter to indicate start of conveyor Belt
  • Flash Light with Siren on movement of Boom

Additional Safety Other/Optional Features

  • Sensor for Counting & Display
  • Sensor to stop conveyors at Loading & Unloading end if operator is not there to pick the product
  • Sensors in the front boom to stop if an operator comes too close to the system
  • Side Guards or Jaali till fixed boom of the conveyor
  • HMI
  • Integrated SMS
  • Casters (if required, Height will be increased by 215mm)

Telescopic Belt Conveyors Standard Sizes