Rollers & Idlers


REX-ROLLER prides itself in innovation, quality in design and quality in production. We produce conveyor rollers unparalleled in performance and design. Our range of rollers and idlers incorporate patented technologies and prove time and time again to outperform competitors or any similar in class products. Rex-roller’s range has revolutionary bulk material handling for many companies around the world


  • Aluminum, Composite & Steel
  • 89 to 250mm diameter* 6204 to 6312 bearings
  • Bearings – SKF, FAG, NSK, HRB or URB
  • Hollow shaft, HDPE Sleeved, PU & Rubber Disc Returns
  • Standard Trough, Suspended/Garland & Impact
  • Special designs – Solid bearing housings, live shaft idlers etc.
  • 1 in every 10 rolls tested throughout the production cycle
  • Shafting machined and drawn as standard
REX-ROLLER Competitors Benefits
Running Friction 1.5n* 2.7n*’* Lower energy consumption
Angular Misalignment 7-mins 10-mins Improved roller/bearing life
Noise (dB) <75dB’* >80dB Quieter
TIR 0.5mm 0.55-0.7mm Less vibration and belt noise
Bearings 2RS 2ZZ Greased for life, no chance of dust ingress
End Caps Welded into shell Welded on edge of shell Less chance of belt tears — Pizza cutters
Composite Housings Friction Welded Press in End Caps One unit — no chance of separation
Warranty Threshold 1.5% 2% Better roller performance

Photo Gallery

Electrostatic Powder Coating Roller

Impact Roller

Rubber Disc Roller

Steel Spiral Roller


Troughing Idler

Troughinging Impact Idler

Return Idler

Self-aligning Troughing Idler

Conveyor Pulleys

Troughing roller stand for general carrying service is produced with inclination degree of 20°,30°,35°,45°.

Self-aligning carrier roller automatically trains belt and protects edges from damage cause misalignment. It’s produced with inclination degree of 30,35°,45°.

Flat carrier roller stand used to bulk handling material such as preparing foundry sand,package and sort conveyor.

Troughing rubber impact roller stand protects belt by absorbing impact at loading and transfer point. It’s prouduced with inclination degree of 30°,35°,45°.

Return roller carries the empty belt on return run.

Rubber Disc Return roller used when wet, sticky material tends to cling to the belt. Also used to avoid corrosion .It ’s produced in NR or SBR.

Spiral Return roller used to clean from materials that adhere to the belt. It’s produced in spiral rubber.

Self-aligning return roller automatically trains the belt return and protects edges from damage cause by belt misalignment.

Rigid frame V return roller trains the return belt, adds benefit when carrying more capacities. It’sproduced with inclination degree of 5°,10°and 15°.

* Support roller  for BW 1400-2400 Only
Z Bolt :
M12 for BW 400-1200
M16 for BW 1400 2000
M20 for BW 2200-2400

*Support roller for BW 1400-2400 Only

* Rexline produces with inclination degree of 5°,10°,15°

PT Rexline Engineering is a modern company, manufacture conveyor rollers & accessories, including rollers, pulleys and roller frames, widely used for bulk material handling industries.

In addition, we can fabricate these rollers in OEM  service. And manufacture in different standard, JIS CEMA DIN SABS AS standard is available, or as clients’ drawing. With more than ten years’ experience and professional engineers,we can meet different clients’ requirements

Standard design of pulley:

  • Key type
  • Power Lock
  • Taper Lock

Lagging Type

  • Hot vulcanized lagging
  • Ceramic lagging