Rexwrap Ceramic Pulley Lagging

REXWRAP™ CERAMIC PULLEY LAGGING is our trademarked high performance 60 Duro Black lagging with 92% Alumina ceramic tiles vulcanized into the rubber to give ultimate abrasion resistance in the most high wear areas of a pulley.

REXWRAP™ is a self cleaning pulley lagging with Radius grooves to conquer the effect of excessive dirt and water build up on the pulley.

REXWRAP™ Alumina Ceramic tiles have a dimpled profile to help with traction and grip.

REXWRAP™ is available with a CN bonding layer to give excellent adhesion to the Steel Pulley surface.

REXWRAP™ has outstanding physical properties making it the number one choice for Pulley lagging.

REXWRAP Available Dimensions
12 x 500 x 10000 mm
15 x 500 x 10000 mm
*REXWRAP™ Laggings can be manufactured and supplied in a wide variety of lengths and thickness. Please contact us with your requirements
Technical Specifications
Polymer NR/BR
Specific gravity 1.13 ± 0.05
Hardness 60 ± 5 Shore A
Tensile strength (min) 17 MPa
Elongation at break (min) 405 %
Abrasion resistance (max) 140 mm³
Temperature Rating -30°C  to  +60°C
Alumina Content ≥92%
Bulk Density ≥3.63g/cm³
Hardness R45N Minimum 77
Flexural Strength Minimum  2,447  Kg/cm2
Compressive Strength Minimum  19,884  Kg/cm2



Co-efficient of Friction Bare Steel Pulley Rubber Lagging Ceramic Lagging
Dry 0.25  0.50 0.75
Wet 0.15  0.35 0.55

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