Rexline’s Cover Care

Rexline’s Cover Care is a device specifically created to facilitate spot measurement of the cover thickness in steel cord conveyor belting. It was created out of frustration created through the common use of ultrasonic-based devices to make this type of measurement. While ultrasonic devices are appropriate for use over a wide range of non-destructive testing, the measurement of cover thickness in steel cord conveyor belting is problematic.

The Cover Care is an inductive-based device, which makes this type of measurement very simple and very accurate.

It is a fully portable instrument which is powered by a re-chargeable internal 12Volt-1.3Ah battery and has an endurance of approximately nine (9) hours on a full charge. It uses an inductive hand-held probe to detect the steel cords. The output from the probe is delivered to a microprocessor which calculates the distance of the probe face to the top of the cords, using a unique algorithm or ‘Cover Care Belt Profile’ and displays the value in mm on an easy-to-read display.

Unlike ultrasonic instruments used for the same purpose, no coupling medium is necessary and the measurement accuracy is not affected by changes in ambient temperature.

Measurement is in the range 0.0mm – 50.0mm and resolution is +/- 0.1 mm.

Calibration of the instrument is simple and unambiguous, using a small sample of the target belting and plastic shims.

Cover Care Belt Profiles can be stored in any convenient file folder on a Laptop, PC or external USB memory device. Communication between the instrument and computer is via USB.

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