Rexline Premium Rubber Sheeting

REXLINE PREMIUM Rubber Sheeting is our trademarked high performance 40 Duro Pink Premium grade, wear resistant natural rubber. REXLINE PREMIUM has excellent resistance to wet slurry and fine particle abrasion with high elasticity and flexibility.

REXLINE PREMIUM Rubber Sheeting is available in either a buff backed finish or CN bonding layer to give excellent chemical and mechanical adhesion to a range of parent metals and surfaces.

REXLINE PREMIUM has outstanding physical properties making it the number one choice for wear protection and rubber lining applications.

REXLINE RUBBER GUARD Available Dimensions
3 x 1500 x 10000 mm
6 x 1500 x 10000 mm
9 x 1500 x 10000 mm
10 x 1500 x 10000 mm
12 x 1500 x 10000 mm
15 x 1500 x 10000 mm
19 x 1500 x 10000 mm
24 x 1500 x 10000 mm

*Rexline Rubber can be manufactured and supplied in a wide variety of lengths and thickness. Please contact us with your requirements.

Technical Specifications
Specific gravity 0.98± 0.05
Hardness 38 ± 5 Shore A
Tensile strength (min) 27 MPa
Elongation at break (min) 903%
Abrasion resistance (max) 81 mm³
Tear resistance (Angular) min 44.5 Kg/cm
Resilience 78%

Case Study 1: Slurry Spools


  • Cost reduction by 40%
  • Extended life of lining by 25% to 30%
  • Reduced unexpected maintenance

Case Study 2: Chute Lining


  • REXLINE™ Premium rubber resulted in increased and better wear life compared  with the previous lining leading up to the  maintenance period.
  • Overall cost benefit of 40% on the rubber

Case Study 3: Screw feeder conveyor Lining


  • Reduced maintenance of 23% calculated over a year
  • Cost Benefit of 35% calculated over a year

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