Fog Gun (dust suppression system)

Items Speciation Remarks
Model No. REX
Spray Range 100m Calm wind
Particle Size (um) 50-300
Pitching Angle -5°-30°
Angle of rotation 320° (adjustable)
Fan Power 55kw Special designed for Spray Fan
Pump Power 11kw High quality SS Centrifugal Pump
Control part SS SS waterproof, Outdoor
Machine Fitting Hydraulic power unit
Fog Ring Material 304 SS 304
Spraying Nozzles 304 SS 304
Control Mode Hand manual+remote control

+ Automatic

ball blast

PLC control

Dual control Mode

Anti-rust technics ball blast Surface paining and plastic spray
Fan Leaf Material Magaluma
Defensive function The protection of water shortage Motor over-current protection
Defence Grade IP55 Outdoor rain-proof type
Gross Weight 2100KG
Measurement 2236*2850*2090
Remarks OEM according to your detailed request