Lentils are rich  in  fibre,  minerals,  proteins  and  vitamins  REXLINE  is  one of the leading exporters of green lentil. The fibre lowers blood  cholesterol levels and reduces heart diseases. it helps those with  diabetes  and hyperglycaemia by stabilizing  their  blood  glucose  levels.

AN Important mineral in lentil is the Iron; it helps with transporting oxygen  troughtout the body, wich helps with increasing energy and metabolism.

Lentils   are   designated  into  two   classes,    Red  lentils    other    than  red. The metod of  determining the  class  of  a lentil  is  by seed  coat  colour.  Red  lentils    may  be    confirmed    by  the    cotyledon    colour.

Lentil varieties may have a wide range of seed coat colours from green, red,  specklefd green black and tan. The cotyledon colour may be red, yellow or green.