Feed Barley

Barley grain has three major uses: livestock feed, the raw material for alcohol and  starch production, and food. BTB Export deals exclusively in rolled feed barley,  sourced from Russia, Ukraine and Argentina for delivery to Australia, China, Thailand  and the  Middle East.  In this last  location,   it  is used as a popular feed  for   camels .

Feed Grains

Feed grain is any grain used for livestock feed . BTB Export feed grains supply is  mostly yellow corn, which is fed whole, rolled, cracked, flaked or further processed  into DDGS or cornmeal.  Primarily fed to hogs, poultry, cattle   and pets, corn is not a  high protein feed ingredient and usually represents only a certain percentage of a  feed ration.


We also supply lecithin as a by-product of soy and rapeseed processing. Feed – grade  lecithin is used to enrich animal feed in fat and protein content,   and to  facilitate  the process of moulding feed into pellets .



Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed meal is made by processing the resulting rapeseed cake after the oil is  extracted from the seeds  as a feedstock for biodiesel production.

Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is obtained by grinding the flakes that remain after most of the oil  has been extracted from dehulled soybeans. It is used in animal feed and pet food  product worldwide, as a high-protein ingredient for added nutrition.