DuraWear Ni Hard Billets

DuraWear Ni Hard Billets, Liners, Buttons, Bars

  • Bimetallic wear plates
  • Chocky bars and wear buttons
  • White iron wear blocks, wear bars
  • Microledges
  • Bimetallic wear pipes/Liners
  • Bucket protectors
  • Tungsten carbide wear parts
  • Ni-Hard wear parts
  • Skid Wear Bar

Laminated Wear Blocks are unique wear resistant materials in that they combine very high wear resistant qualities of white iron (ASTM A532 15/3CrMo,

700BHN – 63HRc) with a weldable & high impact toughness mild steel through a metallurgical bond to create a product that has a exceptional resistance to impact and abrasion.

Ni-Hard material also comes in  Hard skirt format with different shapes and  sizes depending on the application. The  additional chromium content enables the  skirts to withstand extended and continuous  abrasion in the application.

Available Dimensions

  • Tensile Strength: 630 Mpa (min)
  • Shearing Strength: 250 Mpa (min)
  • Hardness: 63 HRC

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