Anticaking ceramic Matt

Rexline Engineering had successfully completed custom design and manufacturing of fully molded ceramic mats for one of our clients.
These ceramic mats are used on one of their launders in their Alumina refineries in Kwinana, WA.
Rexline Engineering with its technical expertise and combined experience of over 75 years in the wear and corrosion application industry successfully implemented its final product which was complimented.

Case Study

Current existing launder are used for the flow of Alumina in one of        Alumina Refineries in Kwinana, WA. Due to the high amount of abrasion and sticky ores, the existing ceramic mat wears out in only 6 weeks at a normal operating condition.

Furthermore, existing ceramic mat had issues of delamination and clogging as it was not fully molded hence resulting in the mineral transported seeping between the lining and resulting in delamination of the rubber.

When approached by       Rexline Engineering reliability Engineering Department, undertook this project to identify and provide a solution which would extend the maintenance shutdown schedule and replacement costs down.

After conducting intensive study at site on this application, Rexline Engineering proposed using its fully molded ceramic mats. The advantage of using a fully molded ceramic mat is that there’s no small gaps between the ceramic and the rubber backing thus providing a fully covered surface area.

Based on Final design review and Approval for construction, Rexline Engineering manufactured these mats to specifications and delivered on schedule for             work in 2018.


Previous liner causes severe clogging issue due to the uneven surface and small gaps on the mats

Technical Specifications
Material Specification

Elongation 450 %
Tensile Strength 26 MPA
Hardness 60 SHORE A
Tear Strength 70 KN/M
Alumina Content >92%
Density 3.6
Porosity 60 SHORE A
Grain Size Av. 3.5
Hardness 1050
Hardness Scale Conversion HRA 86.6 H45N 76.5
Compressive Strength 70 KN/M

Project Benefits Review

SERVICE LIFE Current service Life of Rexline Engineering Designed Fully Moulded Ceramic Mat: 16 weeks plus.
COST Replacement and Maintenance costs of these set of spools was reduced by a minimum of 40% considering for a year’s worth of service life.

Figure 1:Rexline designed ceramic mat

Ceramic mat installation on site

Fully molded ceramic mats suitable for slurry application as the surface of the liner is completely covered.

After 9 weeks of installation

After 15 weeks of installation further life expected to be + 3 weeks

No delamination or chipped tiles was observed. The mats lasted in excessive of 3 times longer than the previous liner which is a huge achievement from our team. Further life expected to be +3 weeks more before replacing the mats.