76 degree ceramic bend

Iron Ore Mining – 76-Degree Bends



Project Name Iron Ore Mining Project
Project No. 4500103858, 4500109048 & PR: 7000302030
Asset PCUF2 Material 546646
Document ID #02
Date Produced 23/02/2017

1.0 Project benefits review

Unchanged  Reduced Enhance Design of the Bends- Increased life and throughput by extending the life to 12 weeks with Rexline Engineering pre-engineered ceramic tiles
Deliverables Design, Fabricate and Supply of Wet Fine Screens for Oversize Chutes as below:PR:7000302030
Major scope changes Replacement of 76-degree bend with Rexline Engineering fabricated spools and ceramic lining with Rexline Engineering pre-engineered tiles.
Completion Date (as PM Plan)
Actual Completion Date 03/12/16
Original Budget (as PM Plan)
Actual Final Cost No Variations encountered

2.0 Project Review

QA&QC Fabrication and Lining passed all the ITPs and QA criteria of client.
What went well Project completed successful within the time frame and no unexpected costs were encountered
Major Problems encountered None

3.0 Project opportunities

Reduction in lead time of the spools is reduced to 6 weeks by stocking the flanges, tiles and elbows required for bends in Rexline Engineering Facilities.
Extending the life of bends more than 12 weeks by using increased percentages of Alumina compositions in tiles (Proposed compositions: 95%)
To enhance the life of 76-degree bends, the life and wear of the previously installed bends were studied and proposal to change the design of lining to incorporate the concentrated wear patterns caused by variation in flow quantity

4.0 Asset Reliability& Monitoring

The product was monitored in site periodically to analyse the product performance and product engineering improvisations. The following are the observations.

4.1 First Month Inspection

4.2 Second Month Inspection (Previous Bends Life Expectancy)

4.3 Third Month Inspection

5.0 Observations & Results

Rexline Engineering Mining’s pre-engineered ceramic tiles have increased the life expectancy of the bends by 66% resulting in a total life of 12 weeks whereas the previously existed bends lasted 8 weeks. The project lead time of 8 weeks was further reduced to 6 weeks by stocking flanges, tiles and required elbows in Rexline Engineering facilities.